The magic wand

Howdy all.  Welcome to your Pre-Christmas blawg.  It has been unseasonably warm here lately.  Weather in the high 40’s and sunny.  I’m hoping for snow for Christmas.  I like snow, I miss snow, and I want snow.  But, enough about that. Today I want to talk about the things that have been accomplished in the last 2 years under President Trump. Things that none of his haters will admit or talk about, because uhh.. Russia..uh collusion, or whatever they want to waste time and money on.

Remember when the left and their minions in the MSM wrung their hands and cried that Trump is going to kill the planet by taking us out of the Paris Accord or whatever that Anti-American/anti-comerace bullshit was called.   Were you aware, with the energy de-regulation programs that have been pushed by this administration, that in 2017 America’s energy-related carbons fell by .05%?  (and actually that is at a 70 year low)Doesn’t seem like much maybe, but you probably also didn’t know that Europe’s went up by 1.5% in that same time frame.  Hmm, maybe his plans work better than a bunch of politicians and Hollywood elitists jet setting around the globe demanding YOU change your lifestyle.  Hey, AL Gore, that seems rather inconvenient to me.

Remember when Vice-President Biden claimed that Trump didn’t care about the middle class, even going so far as to call it “Malarkey!” I really hope Crazy Uncle Joe runs in 2020, just to hear him spout fun words like that more often.  But, the only malarkey was the left’s assertion that Trump would screw the middle class and only help the rich.  I mean, the crumbs that Fancy Nancy Pelosi talked of after the tax relief bill was passed, may be crumbs to her and her rich pals.  But, when the standard tax deductions are doubled to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for families, my one thought is, Pelosi and the rest of them can go fuck themselves.  My paycheck isn’t taxed at as high of a rate, I got more back last year, and for the 2nd year in a row, Deb’s year end bonus was 66% higher than it ever has been before.  Hey, Nancy, I’ll take those crumbs.  Hey, you know what else helps the middle class?  J-O-B-S.  The magic wand that Obama chided Trump about, has resulted in the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 and the lowest black American unemployment rate EVER!

Remember when the Hildabeast exclaimed Trump would drive us back into a recession?  Yet, the US economy is on track for it’s best performance since 2005.  So I guess lower taxes, jobs, and growth don’t mean shit, huh Hil?

Remember when the left claimed that a trade war with China was going to ruin us?  They hated Trump so much they actually sided with Xi Jinping and his view of ‘globalization’.  Going as far as calling him impressive. YAY!  But, in reality, American industries, like American Steel are rebounding, and China is now making trade concessions and even going as far as dropping their “Made in China 2025” campaign.  Which was simply a see through attempt to achieve world domination through industry.  Maybe China will come around and stay ‘decent’ and maybe they won’t but I don’t think anybody with a 1/2 a brain, thinks that HRC would have swayed this.  Oh and let’s not forget, RONK.  While I don’t trust little rocket man as far as I can throw him, simply opening up dialogue (oh BTW the first in over 50 years) will pay benefits.

POTUS is making real progress on Criminal reform, the opiate epidemic, and ISIS is almost unheard of anymore.  NAFTA is gone and with it, is a new and better trade agreement with Canada & Mexico.  But, hey, Trump is a vulgar idiot who should be impeached right?  He, his family, and accomplishments are downgraded, denigrated, and talked about with open hostility by everyone from a ‘supposed news’ source like CNN, to some shrill harpy in Hollywood like DeNiro or Joy Behar.

And my point is as it has been for 2 years, you don’t care for his style?  That’s fine.  You don’t like the man?  Cool.  But, sweet baby Jesus, give the man his due when he does do something good, and maybe, just maybe, if you didn’t throw road block after road block in his way, he’d get even more done.

Remember, is you have a pest problem in your house, you don’t give a shit if the guy who comes over is fat, curses, or smokes like a chimney, as long as he gets rid of the bats, rats, or vermin in your attic.  At the end of the day, that’s success.

Until next time…



Howdy all.  A cold night here in the great plains.  I’m a little under the weather myself, but wanted to talk tonight about the passing of President Bush.  Watching the funeral services and hearing the current accolades takes me back to his election and time after.  If you’ll indulge me here are my thoughts on then and now.  My first presidential election I was able to vote in, was 1984. (yeah I’m that old) Ronald Reagan vs Walter Mondale.  I voted for Reagan, but at 18, I couldn’t even tell you why.  I remember being excited to vote, but that was about it.  Then, I moved 1,200 miles from home and was on my own, making my own living, with help from no one, becoming a man in the great state of Georgia.  1987, moved back to Nebraska, and had my first child, Ashley.  All of a sudden, it seemed that politics were more important.  So, the build up (which oh by the way was nothing like it is today) for the 1988 Presidential election, I started to take notice of.  George H. W. Bush vs Michael Dukakis.  When Dukakis said he was against the death penalty even if his own family was raped and killed, I thought WTF.  The first thing I noticed was the media, even back then, was anti-Republican.  I had seen a 20/20 program on Dan Quayle several months before he was picked for the VP for Bush, and they lauded his hard work and dedication.  As soon as he was picked by Bush, he was vilified for being too young, stupid (he spelled potato wrong), and he ducked Vietnam by being in the Indiana National Guard.  That may have been my epiphany of how biased the MSM was/is to the GOP.  And then when the ‘Willie Horton Ad’ ran, holy shit, George Bush was a racist, and was even blamed for ex-KKK grand lizard or whatever they call themselves, David Duke being a by-product of Bush.  USA Today even predicted that Bush would appoint Dukes as the GOP Committee Chairman.  And to top it all off, during the 1992 LA riots, they blamed Bush for the riots.  They called him out of touch, because of a check out scanner story (that BTW, never even happened), they vilified him at every turn, just like they did Ronald Reagan and his son G.W. Bush.

But, what do we see today?  We see many (not all) of the left trying to show how much they love and appreciate G.W.H.B.  Don’t forget the professor of ‘higher learning’ who just as long ago as May, say abhorrent things about the death of Barbara Bush, and suffer no consequences.  The left learned their ‘lesson’ with the outrage from that, and have now tempered it, but trying to use his death as a way to bludgeon President Trump. Don’t let them fool you.  There’s a method to their madness.  Much like the McCains did to POTUS & Sarah Palin, they want to vilify somebody they don’t agree with, instead of glorifying in the life of the person.  Because at the end of the day, President George H. W. Bush was a gentleman, a servant of our country, and person of honor.  I didn’t agree with everything Pres. Bush said or did(either one of them), but I hold them both in high esteem.  Bush lost the ’92 election to Clinton, because A), he tried staying above the fray and thought that his accomplishments would speak for themselves (at one time he had a 90%+ approval rate, which is unheard of ), and B), the media fawned all over Bill Clinton.  I mean he was on Arsenio playing the saxophone, answered hard hitting questions in an MTV interview (what kind of underwear he wore), and C), Ross Perot stole a ton of votes from him.  You youngsters, may ask who is Ross Perot?  He was a Texas businessman, who was tired of politics as usual and ran on a conservative, businessman approach.  Hmm, sound familiar?  He did very well, (the only 3rd party candidate to do well), except he only stole votes from Bush. And Clinton was elected.

In closing, I have always said that history would be kind to Bush (both of them), once the MSM bullshit was gleaned out of the way. The same journalists who are hailing Bush for his courage were the same ones who vilified him for the recession.  They were the same ones who blamed him for the ills of our country.  But, now they want to laud him.  Ask yourself why?  Because they were able to beat on him with no back lash.  They could call him names, blame him for society’s ills, and denigrate him and he never fought back, because of his genteel nature.  Just as his son did 16 years later.  They did what they thought was right and simply stayed the course of what they thought was best for the country.  Then President Obama came with his anti-American platform and the MSM lauded it, and that made Donald Trump a much more attractive candidate to many Americans.

I love both President Bushes.  I love them for their civility, their public service, and their leadership.  At the same time, I hated that they let the left and their minions in the MSM beat on them and never stand up to those bullies, and let their presidencies be undermined because of it.  And as much as I hate President Trump’s incivility, I love that he stands up to these cowardly fucks and calls them out for what they are and does the business of the country and does it well.

The quiet demeanor of President Bush and the subsequent beatings he took at the hands of the left, created our current POTUS.

RIP, Sir.  You and your son are the last of a breed as far as Presidents go.  Fair winds and following seas.

Until next time…

Blurry Vision

Howdy all.  It is a cold night on the great plains.  We were supposed to get a ton of snow, this past Sunday.  I was super stoked, as I planned on snowshoeing and hiking in it.  Alas, we got about 1″ here.  Everybody around us got 6+”.  Very disappointing.  Now I know what Deb feels like.  Tonight I want to talk about how the left works overtime to blur the lines between the good guys and the bad guys.  If you don’t believe me, simply look at what the newly controlled House of Representatives will try and push in JAN when the DEMS have a bit of control.  They honestly believe that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be trusted with guns.  When the right or the NRA has accused them of having a goal of repealing the 2A, they poo-pooed that.  Now, they don’t even care if we know it or not, because they finally started to admit it.  That’s OK.  It’s easier to defeat them when they tell the truth (which they rarely do).  Many on the pro-gun side, have always said, when there’s a bad man with a gun, then the best defense is a good man with a gun.  And that is true.  But, the left refuses to acknowledge that fact.  More people are saved from violent crimes by guns than are victims of guns.  But, the left has been working for years to erase the difference between good/bad or good/evil.  I mean to them, we’re all just as capable of being the next serial killer as we are Mother Teresa.  It’s never about individual choice or personal responsibility.  It’s about creating victims.  I assume that’s why they always leap to the defense of ruthless criminals, and want to abolish the death penalty.  And that’s why they want to paint law-abiding citizens as criminals.  Basically, think of it as just one more way to redistribute things, in this case it’s personal responsibility.  If you are white, Christian, a gun owner, or conservative, you are already branded as guilty of being a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, blah, blah, blah.  Even if you’ve never done anything at all to be one of those things.  The left considers you prejudiced, simply because you don’t think like them.  Never mind the fact, that they pre-judge more than anybody in the free world.  But, it’s OK in their minds because they can make the world perfect if you only listen to them and ‘correct’ your behavior to fit their socialist, utopian model.  The level of arrogance from the left astounds me.  When the left comes out and denigrates women who vote conservative for ‘betraying their gender’, they don’t see that as being bias, they see it as being smarter than you.  When the left comes out and says every woman should be believed when they claim rape or sexual assault with little or no facts to back them up, they don’t see themselves as actually destroying true rape victims, because it’s all for the greater good, and “conservatives are bad”.  I mean how else did Bill Clinton get so many passes and continues to do so?   The left doesn’t realize how utterly fucking stupid they look every time they are outraged by somebody engaging in ‘cultural appropriation’.  I mean, shit if I’m using chop sticks, all of a sudden I’m a racist.  The left and their minions have no problem telling you that the right is a violent time bomb, that will kill children, take away women’s rights, and basically make your life horrible, all the while, ignoring true atrocities perpetrated by the left, like shooting GOP senators, calling for civil aggression against the right, kicking republicans out of public places for being nothing more, than republican.  The left will tell you how they are the party of love and tolerance, and if you don’t agree with that, they will bust your fucking skull.  And don’t think that isn’t a reason they want to disarm the public. Because they have become a party of criminals and criminals like nothing better than people who can’t fight back.  The funny thing is, that the leftist hippies of old, would be standing up to this brand of bullshit today too.  Free speech?  Nope not in their world, unless you agree with them.  Be an individual?  Not anymore. So, I’m going to culturally appropriate the old hippies dogma of being a non-conformist and doing your own thing.  Unfortunately, today the left believes in individualism, as long as you think like they do.

Until next time…

Swan Song

Howdy all.  Welcome to the 204th edition of Blawging with the Dawg.  Yeah, 204 and 1 month away from my 5 year anniversary.  But, I’m also 2 days removed from my retirement from the United States Navy.  So, with your kind permission, allow me to write out my very last AAR.

-The weekend started, as most do, on Friday evening.  I got a room at the hotel, where all of my out of town guests were staying.  Good call, as when the Seabees hit town, the booze starts to flow and things have a tendency to get loud.  I had people fly in from Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, & North Carolina.  My regional guys drove from Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, & Missouri.  After drinking and bullshitting until the wee hours of the night (and only getting 2 noise complaints), I finally went to bed, as I did have to drill on Saturday and of course get retired.  For those of you who couldn’t be there for the ceremony, it was quite a bit larger than I had anticipated.  They were throwing out extra chairs right up to the start time.  I know a couple of you who follow this blawg were wishful of coming and I apologize, but that last 30 minutes, for once in my life, I was anxious and thinking everything was going to go to shit, so I kind of said, no more, let’s get going, haha.  First I want to give a shout out to 2 of my followers here.  Shane, who is basically the little brother I always wished I had, and I had asked to be my sponsor for this evolution, was in a word, magnificent.  Basically, he was in charge of putting everything together and then was the Emcee for the ceremony.  Not sure how he had time to do anything else the last month or so.  Because of him the ceremony went off without a hitch and was beautiful.  The other follower I’ll touch on in a moment.  The ceremony started off, with a young Seabee singing the National Anthem.  For those of you who don’t know, the anthem brings tears to my eyes anyway, and this kid, should be on Star Search or whatever those talent shows are.  At this point I can only stare at the floor.  Actually not sure if I ever looked out into the audience once.  I just couldn’t.  So after UT3 gets done singing probably one of the top-10 renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner I’ve ever heard, it’s time for Jeff to get up and be the guest speaker.  I asked him to give the speech.  Jeff, a follower here, has been my brother and comrade in arms for 18 years, actually I have never counted the years, it just seems like I’ve always known him, but he said 18 years in his speech, and now that he’s an officer, we know they are never wrong, lol.  So, he gives his speech, about me, us, our brothers, deployments, my family, etc, and I thanked God I was sitting down behind him on the podium and nobody could see me wiping away tears every 3 seconds.  Then after that, the main reason I wanted a ceremony came.  The Navy recognized Deb & my family.  She and the kids got certificates honoring their sacrifices.  Then it was my turn to stand at the podium and speak.  I had a bunch of stuff I had planned on saying, but I stood there with tears in my eyes and choked up and probably looked like an idiot.  I wanted to thank so many people.  I wanted to thank my teammates from over the past 21 years.  I wanted to tell my brothers and sisters in arms, what they meant to me. How they made my job so easy.  I wanted to tell them all, how leading them was the greatest honor any man has ever had.  I wanted to tell them, that I was leaving the Navy better then when I came, because of them.  I wanted to tell them how much I loved them.  But, I couldn’t because I stood there with tears in my eyes, choked up. I wanted to tell everyone that Deb is MY hero.  The work she did keeping the house in order through 3 deployments and 21 years of Navy duty stateside and abroad.  The times I disappeared during the kids games, dinners, or other family events to sit on phone calls or to send out a mass e-mail.  The holidays, family events, anniversaries, and birthdays I missed, all the while she soldiered on and never once bitched or complained.  Well, maybe once, lol.  But, I couldn’t because I stood there with tears in my eyes, choked up.

-At least the party at the American Legion went well.  I mean we went through $600 in booze in about 3.5 hours.  Rob, another follower, outdid himself making the pulled pork and beans.  And apparently, everybody thinks I’m an alcoholic or they want me to be one, as I received 11 bottles of whiskey for gifts.  haha.  I would have loved to tell all my friends that showed up to help me celebrate, what they meant to me and how I was honored that they thought enough to come.  But, after Korry, another follower and Lt. Bargas, spoke, I got a little misty eyed again.  (I’m sensitive, in case nobody knew).  I would have liked to tell all of these people all the things I was thinking, but I couldn’t.  Thankfully, a goodly amount of you there, both Navy and civilians are followers here.  So thank you for letting me tell you here, what I wanted to say on Saturday.

Until next time…

Rodeo Clown

Howdy all.   Welcome to the first day of November.  Holy cow has this year flown by or what?  The weather on the great plains has been nothing short of magnificent the past few weeks.  Sunny 60’s during the day & dipping into the 40’s for the night time lows.  Yeah baby, my kind of weather. Tonight, I just plan on entertaining you.  Nothing political, just a rambling type of blawg while I sit in the basement sipping whiskey while I watch rodeo on TV.  Hence the title of this blawg.  So pour yourself a drink, sit back, disrobe, slip into something comfortable and enjoy.

-As I said, I’m watching the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) tour right now.  I love rodeo and always have.  That was one of the few good memories I have growing up.  My grandma was an Ak-Sar-Ben member (for you out of towners that’s Nebraska spelled backwards and was a huge horse race track and event center from the 50’s to like the early 90’s).  Every year the Pro rodeo would come there and my grandma would give us the tickets.  Deb & I have even been to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.  This is the super bowl of rodeo.  Anyway, I love the pageantry, the patriotism, the athletic endeavor.  And every time I watch rodeo, I wonder why I even care about the NFL at all.  And so many of the bulls have some kick ass names.  The last 4 bulls have had names like Hammer Harry, Widowmaker, Ressurection,(that son of a gun jumped 10′ straight up coming out of the chute), & Arctic Assassin.  Good shit.  Next time you’re channel surfing and you come across rodeo, stop and watch for awhile  You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

-Listening to Cake right now.  Good studio band, but we saw them in concert a few years ago, and they sucked.  Played for like 50 minutes, told us to buy their new shit and left.

-College football is starting to get  real.  UGA plays Kentucky this weekend.  And amazingly enough UK is rated #9 in the country and if they beat my Dawgs, they will win the SEC East.  While that’s a cute story, I need my Dawgs to whip that wildcat ass.

-Last bull’s name was Mama’s Bad Pet.  So far it’s Bulls-10, cowboys-0.

-I know generally, you need to give a coach more than 1 year, but can everyone agree with me, that the Raiders hiring Jon Gruden was a colossal mistake?  I never thought he was that great of a coach.  He won a Super Bowl at Tampa Bay, with Tony Dungy’s players.  Much like Mike Reilly got some reputation of being a ‘offensive genius’ the proof is in the pudding.

-Ted Nugent’s ‘Great White Buffalo’ playing right now.  For some reason, when the part comes on about the buffalo leading the Indians, I get a chill down my spine.  Best Nugent song ever, IMHO.

-OK, there’s a cowboy getting ready to ride.  Not sure if it’s his real name or not, but you gotta admit, a name like Chase Outlaw is cowboy as fuck.

-He’s riding huckleberry.

-Huckleberry won in 5.53 seconds.

-Well, I’m able to blawg into the wee hours of the night, because I’m off tomorrow, as I have to make some final preparations for Saturday.  And of course Saturday is my retirement ceremony & party.  And a bunch of my people are arriving from all over the country to hang with me.  PA, SC, LA, TX, SD, MN, KS, MO, IA, NC, just to name a few states from where they are coming from.  Yeah, this may get interesting to say the least.  Maybe I’ll give everyone an AAR next week.

-Ha, last bull was Doc McStuffins.  Yeah, I don’t think the cowboy riding him thought he was that cute, haha.  Got bucked off and stomped on.

-ZZ Top on.  Old ZZ may very well be my favorite band.  A great blend of blues, country, and rock.  Anything before Eliminator was awesome.  Of course Eliminator was their biggest selling and most commercial album.  I guess my tastes don’t run in the same circles as the rest of America.

-Nolan flew in today for my party.  He looks great.  Funny how much I missed him. Last year, he was almost as far away, and I saw him just as infrequently, but now that he’s down in TX, I seem to miss him more.  Weird.

-So, I saw a headline today about how the Royals in England are upset with Princess Meghan Markle’s ‘flouting of the rules’.  I don’t normally give 2 shits about the royl family, but I admit I opened the article.  I wondered, what the hell she was doing?  Was she doing keg stands at Buckingham Palace? (I’d like the royals a lot more if that happened). Was she snotty to the Queen?  No.. She had the audacity to wear dresses that had pockets.  GASP!!!. Holy fuck batman, what an un-civilized shrew.  Not sure who I’m more disappointed with.  The American media who thought this was important enough to ‘report’, or me who read the stupid shit.

-Ashley & Taylor brought Jordan & Madi over last night to Trick or Treat.  Jordan was a fireman.  Reminded me of the time Nolan was oh so many years ago., But, Ash, made Madi’s costume and she was a Dalmation. (because firemen need their fire dogs). I have to admit, I thought she was a cow.  But, I will also say, that whatever she was, it was absolutely the cutest fucking costume I’d seen in along time.

-We did see Charlie too, but she was still eating, so we didn’t get to see her in her kitty outfit. But, I’m gonna guess that whenever Logan or Katie sends me that picture (hint, hint, lol), it will also meet the cuteness quotient.

-Oscar Mayer says hot dogs are sandwiches.  I say bullshit.  What say you?

-Nolan just got home from visiting with friends and he came down and now we are talking just like old times. So I will bid you all a fond adieu.  To those of you who plan on celebrating with me on Saturday, I will see you then.

Until next time…

Waving the (false) flag.

Howdy all.  It’s been a beautiful week here in Nebraska.  Highs in the 60’s with lows in the 40’s.  Perfect fall weather.  Just got back from the sandhills for bowhunting.  I have to say, I’m very saddened.  In 2 days I had 4 shots (3 at the same buck) and missed every one of them.  After playing over the shots in my head over and over, I’ve come to the conclusion…I suck, lol.  A couple were kind of long shots, but the final one was a sure shot, and I ended up plucking my bow string instead of simply releasing it.  And right now, all the bow hunters out there are nodding their heads and saying, “yep, that’ll do it”  Oh well.  Just being in a blind when the sun comes up and seeing the deer walking along and getting the chance to take a shot is awesome.  Season isn’t over yet.

So, today apparently a whole bunch of ‘bombs’ were delivered to George Soros, Barack Obama, The Clintons, CNN, Maxine Waters, Joe Biden and probably even more libs. Does anyone else find this curiously coincidental?  Tell you the truth, I think it’s something that the left orchestrated.  They have shown absolutely no qualms about doing whatever they can to hold on to their agenda.  Let’s look at this shall we?  2 weeks before mid terms, that I don’t think the Dems will do as well as they hope they will and the biggest names in Democratic circles all get a bomb delivered on the same day?  Bull shit.  And oh by the way, the one picture I saw on the news of one of the ‘bombs’ had no stamps cancelled on it.  Which means it didn’t come through the USPS.  And on top of that all the ‘bombs’ were put together like a retarded 3rd grader with 2 wires and a box of cracker jacks.  Not 1 of these devices would’ve detonated.  So either the person(s) were totally inept or they were never intended to blow up.  Which makes one go, Hmmm.  And of course the MSM and lefties are saying this is all Trumps fault.  He even goes on to call for unity and calls it an outrage, and Schumer and Pelosi call his words hollow.  You know I might think more of them if their pals like Maxine Waters hadn’t openly called for civil discourse against the right.  Or HRC hadn’t openly called for discourse against the right.  Or Rosie O’Donnell hadn’t called for a military coup to overthrow POTUS. Or the leftist facists hadn’t gone on beating, blowing up, and burning sprees against the right.  Or some Bernie supporter who actually shot a GOP Senator.  Or left Hollweird fucks haven’t called for the rape of FLOTUS, called the 10 year old son of POTUS a future serial killer, or laughed off the ‘comical’ beheaded POTUS (in the name of humor of course). But, that bring us to why the left hates POTUS and the right.  Because they always have.  But, since President Trump has been elected, it’s been shockingly evident.  Trump becoming President didn’t make these fucks, it simply exposed them.  The lefts platform is really nothing more than “We hate Trump”  Sweet.  Because what else can they stand on.  The economy is booming(yeah I know the left is NOW trying to say it’s because of what Obama started), our international standing is strong.  Yeah, I get it, other countries don’t like us.  Guess what, that’s not new, but Trump understands what Obama never did.  We aren’t here to be liked, but it’s OK if you fear us as long as you don’t fuck us.  All the naysayers who boo hooed how Trump dealt with NOK.  Hmm, really?  Guess what, little rocket man isn’t talking so loud lately is he?  The lefts last minute campaign at trying to kill the Brett Kavanaugh nomination should show everyone how intellectually bankrupt they truly are.  If they were willing to parade a woman who had no true evidence to try and derail a conservative pick, which oh by the way, truly sets back the whole #metoo movement like no other, then we shouldn’t be surprised at any thing else they may pull.  And this isn’t the first time they have pulled this bullshit. How many obstructions did they put in front of G. W. Bush? The economical crisis saved them, so now that they don’t have that to fall back on, they are praying that Mueller can finally find something about you know RUSSIAN COLLUSION.  Why, do they continually try and usurp a duly elected President?  Because they hate him.  And conversely hate regular Americans.  Why?  Because Trump talks and acts like a regular joe from the streets. The intellectual left who thinks they are smarter than Joe the plumber or Farmer Brown or Suzy homemaker.  Most American could give 2 shits about what others think about them, much like Trump.  He doesn’t care what others think, because he’s never had to.  He’s filthy rich, and has never had to apologize or had to keep his opinions to himself.  In short, he’s never had to be political.  Yeah, again I get it, there’s much to dislike about POTUS.  His lack of self-control, his infantile behavior at times.  At times he seems spiteful.  He twitters and twats with no filter.  And this upsets the lefts apple cart.  And they wear their hatred for him like a badge of honor.  You can dislike some of Trumps proclivities, while still believing in much of his message.  And his message is, the average American and our country is what counts.  All the times the elitists on the left have denigrated the blue collar worker or the ‘person clinging to their guns and religion’ or the ‘deplorables’ on the right.  If you don’t live in LA, NYC, CHI, et al, then you don’t count.  The stuff that is basic human stuff, stuff that matters and build this country.  And the average American, black, white, male, female will once again vote for him in 2020.

Just remember that it’s the left that has made nationalism and patriotism dirty words all the while calling the average American deplorable.

After looking at 2 of our highest achieving Presidents in my lifetime, Ronald Reagan and now President Trump, both political newbies that were derided by the left, I guess our forefathers were right all along.  The country should be run by amateurs and plain men, not lawyers and bureaucrats.

Until next time…

Hither & yon

Howdy all.  A top 10 fall day in the great plains.  Of course that was after we had 3″+ of snow on Sunday.  Snow on Sunday, I mowed on Tuesday, and today was short sleeve weather.  Weird.  Not sure why I feel the need to give you the weather report for the Great Plains, but there you go.  I just returned form Lincoln shooting trap, and tomorrow I leave for my bow hunting trip out near the sandhills, so I figured I’d regale you with this & that.

-I am kind of amused at the umbrage we are all are taking at the Jamal Kashoggi getting whacked by the Saudis.  Yeah, I get it he was a ‘reporter’ for the Washington Post, but let’s remember this dude was a classmate of Osama Bin Laden and attended the same Wahab Madrassa class and had been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood since 1970.  And the Saudi Crown Prince that had him whacked, is the guy that is finally bringing Saudi Arabia into the 21st century (or at least the 19th).  I mean, he’s letting women drive and a lot more progressive changes. Something that Kashoggi was against (just like OBL).  But, oh wait, he was a ‘journalist’. Who gives a fuck.  I’m no fan of the House of Saud, but lately they’re trying to come into the 21st century, and worse case scenario, there is now 1 less Islamic Extremist around. Win/win in my book.

-And just to prove that the left is off the rails and only wants to push their agenda. A PA Democratic Party leader was let go, after he tweeted, “I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross”  I mean, shit, those 2 things are against the left as it stands today.  Being patriotic, BAD.  Believing in God or Jesus? BAD.  They are eating their own. Sweet chow down bitches.

-The one thing the left can always count on is the MSM.  Recently, there was a story, that the 6 biggest travesties from the left got exactly 8 minutes of air time from CNN, MSNBC, and the big 3 networks.  Keith Ellison’s sexual misconduct has WAY more proof and evidence than Brent Kavanagh’s did, yet, no air time, the 16 hour investigation by the democratic party turned up nothing.  And the MSM keeps pushing the libs agenda.

-Hey, guess what?  Black conservatives aren’t Uncle Toms. Black liberals have been duped and lied to for years.  I mean, it was obvious, when the left denigrated Kanye West for meeting with and supporting POTUS.  I’ll be the first to admit, West may be a little out there, but does any one find it ironic, that the media is way more up in arms when he said he supports this President.  But when he denigrated President G. W. Bush, all we heard were crickets.  Republicans have long treated the black race better than the left.  For passing the 14th & the 15th amendments and all black congressmen elected during reconstruction were Republicans, should tell you something. I mean DWE had a commission on civil rights in 1957, yet LBJ, wanted to pass his great society bills, so and I quote, “The niggers would vote democrat for the next 100 years”  Hmm, sounds an awful like another version of slavery.

-Hey guess what?  Elizabeth Warren had a DAN test done, to affirm that she’s whiter than snow on a piece of paper.  HAHA, seriously, what is it about the left that wants to hate their own race,(or gender) and project themselves as something they aren’t? And how racist to continually tell minorities that they really aren’t smart enough or good enough to do it on their own, but they need the help of their great white Democratic friends, who know more than the do.  Even the Cherokee Nation is telling her to STFU.

-There were some more thing s I wanted to talk about, but it’s late and I still need to get my stuff together for my trip. Wish us luck.  Hopefully we’ll come back with a bunch of venison.

-Until next time…