Howdy all.  A hot, sultry (an underutilized word, IMHO) day on the Great Plains.  I’m sitting here looking at Chapter 17 on my sequel and not sure which direction I want to go, so I’m taking a break to talk to y’all.  Ain’t you lucky?  I think I’ll just go back and forth from the novel to this as I see fit to either write on the novel or babble here.  So pour yourself a drink, sit back and relax.

-Speaking of my books.  This Thursday, the local library here in Gretna is having a meet the author/book signing with yours truly.  For those out of town friends, go to the Gretna Library fb or website and click on the adult calendar for 9/18.  They put out a kickass poster for the event.

-I couldn’t think of a title, so I put the one of ‘Untitled’ above for now.  So if that isn’t what you see when it comes to you, know that I thought of something else.

-Football is back!  Very exciting.  Well, unless you’re a Miami Dolphins fan.  Holy shit.  The 2 most horrific games I’ve ever seen.  And they’re trading talent away and caching draft picks.  The new coach is a Bill Belichick disciple.  He’s unloading “me” guys and gathering a ton of draft picks.  So a total rebuild is happening.  Sigh, it’s been so long since my ‘Fins were relavent.  But, I will stick with them.  The good news is KC is my 2nd favorite team and I have high hopes for them.

-Thank goodness I’m a Georgia Bulldog fan, or I’d be living in a football Siberia.  HUGE game vs Notre Dame this weekend.  Deb & I went to Nashville to celebrate her 50th BD.  (yes she’s that old).  Just so happened that UGA played Vanderbilt a mere 10 days after her BD, so we went down to see that. So, after 3 games against arguably, less than stellar opponents, UGA has put up ridiculous numbers.  AS good as the offense looks, I am pleased with the way their D looks.  Shut out Ark. St.  Yeah, Arkansas St.  But they’re a bowl qualifier out of the Sun Belt Conference.  And I don’t care who you’re playing, a shut out is impressive, especially as we were playing 3 stringers the whole 2nd half.  Not sure what will happen Saturday, but will tell us a lot about my Dawgs.

-Speaking of which.  Not sure who saw the game or heard about it, but the UGA fans and stadium dressed in Pink to honor the Coach of Arkansas State wife who had just succumbed to breast cancer in August.  The coach knew nothing about it.  He was in tears and it was certainly a classy act by the team and the fans.  One more reason I’m proud to be a Bulldog.

-Meatloaf is an abomination.  What a waste of good hamburger.  Fuck I’d rather put it in Hamburger Helper.  And a pot roast is slightly ahead of it.  Dry, stringy meat, flavored with carrots and peas? No thanks.

-So, the new crop of Chief Petty Officers in the US Navy have been pinned.  Even though I’m retired, I still am involved in training the new CPOs and helping to mold them into future leaders of the world’s greatest Navy.  And this year, ONE more of MY GUYS made it. For those counting at home, that makes 10 of my guys who have made Chief (2 are now Senior Chiefs) and one is an Officer. The absolute proudest accomplishment of mine in the Navy.  11 of my guys who have risen to the top.  I’m gone, but the Navy, at least the little piece here, is in great hands.

-Fall trap season started last week.  It’s been a year since I’ve shot my shotgun, so saying I was rusty is an understatement.  But, now not only do all the old timers beat me, now even Mike’s 15 year old, Cole, is beating me.  I’m just gonna have to work harder I reckon.

-Speaking of guns, I guess we’ll get to the political part of the night.  I read where New Jersey has approved 14 ‘Red Flag’ cases in the first 12 days the ‘law’ took effect.  Judges have signed off on 100% of the cases brought in front of them.  For those of you who have forgotten what Red Flag laws are, it’s a law that some states have enacted that removes firearms from lawful gun owners on the mere supposition that they may be a danger to themselves or someone else.  Due Process anyone?  Red Flag laws are an assault on the 1st, 2nd, & 4th Amendments.  It’s nothing more than a modern day witch hunt.  Remember when they talked about this law, it was always said that it would be used sparingly, and only family members could go to the ‘authorities’ with these concerns.  Now that I think of it, there’s even more amendments affected here.  Let’s play a little scenario game, shall we?

“Sir, do you have guns in your house that you failed to report and surrender?”
…red flags are also an assault on your 5th amendment rights

“MAybe if you pay these excessive fines imposed against your ability to own and store firearms in your home – fines that are only designed to financially prevent all but the richest people from owning ANY kind of gun, we wont put you in jail”
…’common sense guns laws are also an attack on the 8th amendment

Our governing class has decided that their definition of the Constitution of certain rights is clear – since the forefathers didn’t specifically mention “semi-automatic assault weapons” the governing class will determine a definition for said weapons and then they will deny and disparage those rights previously retained by the people.
…so I guess, fuck your 9th amendment rights as well.

In fact – fuck you America – do what you’re told or else. Thank you and good night, sincerely, “The Democrats & RINOS & Elites that know more than you”

The Bill of Rights isn’t there to ‘give’ us our rights, it’s there to tell the govt what they can’t fucking do.  Everybody forgets that shit.  Arrogant politicians believe they are here to give us our rights.  Fuck that noise.  If you look at the BoR, let’s see exactly what our forefathers meant in relationship to our citizenry.

If you look closely, you will see it is a list of things the government shall NOT do to the citizenry.
1)Congress shall make no law…..
2)…shall not be infringed.
3)…without the consent of the owner
4)…shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue
5)No person shall be held to answer…
6)…the accused shall enjoy the right
7)…no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise reexamined
8)…Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed…
9…certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others
and the BIG ONE –
10)-The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the PEOPLE.
Nine of those statements paint a clear picture of what the government CAN NOT DO. The Bill of Rights is not for “us” it is for the corrupt that seek power. It is to remind them what NOT to do. The 10th one (IMHO) is quite possibly the sharpest knife in the drawer – when in doubt – err on the side of “the people”. But, hey Fuck the people, right?  I always laugh at the douche canoes who think the 2A is about the collective and not the individual.  Or the ones that throw out “Our forefathers didn’t know there would be AR-15’s…blah, blah, blah”  Yeah, they also didn’t know there would be an internet or cars either dick bag.  Tell you what? You write all of your concerns to me on parchment with a quill pen, delivered by some dude on a horse, and I’ll take it under advisement.  Otherwise, go fuck yourself.

-I’m back.  I clicked back to the book.  Did everyone see where Eddie Money & Rick Ocasek died this past weekend?  2 rockers from my youth.  And there’s not a dude over the age of 50 who doesn’t think of Phoebe Cates when they hear ‘Moving in Stereo’ by the Cars.  Thanks for the memories fellas.

-I have been clicking back & forth, so I think I have a direction for this chapter, so I will bid you all a fond adieu.

Until next time…


Never Forget

Howdy all.  It’s been at least a month since we’ve talked.  There’s been a myriad of things I have wanted to talk about in that time, but today, I just want to remind everyone of the horrific attack on our country by Islamic Jihadists on 9/11/01.   2,977 of our fellow Americans lost their lives.  I can remember every minute of that day and where I was and how I drove my crew to my house and we sat in my basement and watched the scenes unfold on the news all day long.  I remember everyone asking if I would be going to war. (I assumed so, I wanted to, and I finally did 2 years later).  But, I remember  several things as clearly as if it happened yesterday.  I remembered the total anger I felt and the helplessness.  I remember the feeling of wanting to take the fight to the bastards that did this to us.  I also, remember watching the news that day, and some former Clinton aide blaming President G. W. Bush for it.  The President who had been in office for a whole 8 months. (yeah, even then the left were douche canoes).  I remember watching those towers fall and watching the bodies fall 100 stories and feeling so mad.  I remember how President Bush brought us all together.

Today, as I sat at Offutt Air Force Base for this years Chief Petty Officer training, I watched this years Selectees perform a 9/11 ceremony.  And as I sat there I realized how one of the most important events of our country that we claimed we would “never forget”, we have forgotten.  For the first few years after 9/11, we saw memorials, shows, even comic strips give homage to that fateful day.  We now have politicians, who claim it’s nothing more than ‘some people did something”, to CNN today saying white supremacists being a bigger threat to America.  But, being patriotic is not cool anymore.  Loving America is for fools.  Remembering those killed that day is for suckers.  So the day we promised to never forget, has gone by the wayside.  The day that dictated our national path for the last 18 years doesn’t mean shit to most Americans any more.  And I believe that the leftists want it that way.  They dislike Nationalism and patriotism.  So, I ask all of you to remember that day and all of our fellow Americans who died that day.  The fire fighters and policeman and ordinary citizens who performed extra ordinary tasks that day and gave their lives in the hopes that others would live.  While our MSM and country might forget that day , I ask that you do not.  An event that tried to kill us, should bring us together not only then, but forever more.

Until next time…

That’s shit’s toxic

Howdy all.  A hot summer day on the great plains.  Deb & I went golfing today. We both started out pretty well, but then faded.  I blame the groundskeeper who apparently thought he should run the mower right around us, even all the way up to the green on one hole. But, the alcohol might have been a factor as well, who knows.  Either way it was nice simply spending the day with Deb on the links.  Tonight I want to talk about something I’ve wanted to for a while, and with the 2 recent shootings I believe they dovetail into each other.  Some of you older followers may see some things I’ve said before, but, I believe they bear saying again.  And as many of you know, I have no problem running on at the mouth.  SO here we go.

With the 2 most recent shootings everybody is wringing their hands and pointing the finger of blame at right wing rhetoric (although the Dayton shooter was a self avowed Antifa, Elizabeth Warren follower and socialist) or guns, or whatever in the hell fits their agenda.  But, once again, these fuckers are produced by society.  Ask yourselves why there were no shootings like this 30 years ago.  When I went to high school, many kids had rifles in gun racks in their trucks, and went hunting before and after school. SO why now? We don’t have a gun problem, we have a society problem.  Or to put it more succinctly, we have a masculinity problem.  And not in the way the leftist media, et al wants you to believe.

For the last few decades, fatherhood has been attacked by the left. Masculinity is a dirty word.  The left wants you to believe that we can remove traditional manly traits and still have a healthy culture and society.  Bullshit.  I don’t care if you believe in God or simply nature creating us, but they both determined that man and woman are needed, and both parties have unique traits physically but almost more importantly, emotionally and psychologically.  Doesn’t mean one’s more important than the other, but children need both.  And before anyone gets their underwear bunged up, this isn’t a slight on single parent homes or single moms.  I lived it for 5 years of my life.  Even my divorced, single mom knew I needed a male figure in my life, which is why she got me into Big Brothers and why I stayed many nights and weekends at my cousins houses with them and their families.  My Uncles Dick, (they had horses, AWESOME), John (stayed there a lot as they lived in Omaha), Terry,(other than my grandmother, taught me how to love the outdoors) and Bill (my namesake) were all strong men in their own rights, and my mom understood, even though she was divorced and a single mom, I needed male role models.

But, the left has gone after masculinity in family units and it has been destructive. Guess what?  An involved father brings a different dynamic into the house. Deb just told me today, while we golfed, that when I got home, the kids acted differently. I’m not saying she’s not capable of handling discipline or setting rules. But, at a biological and psychological level, there is something about a man that sets the tone for young kids. But, the left is trying to remove the presence of a masculine man simply for social justice reasons, because in their mind ‘patriarchy’ is evil.  Ask yourself this. In the years that the left has broken down the family dynamic, has society become better or worse?  But, the leftists have redefined the family unit. They have promoted an independent woman movement and said, “I don’t need a man. I can do this all by myself.”  And on the surface, that’s OK.  Nobody should be entirely dependent on another individual.  But, kids, need a man and a woman.  Don’t lie to yourself or believe the bullshit. The whole point of radical feminism and browbeating men is to destroy the traditional family unit. America is based on Judeo-Christian ethics and The Bible. Leftists have shown their hatred for conservative traditions because they carry so many Judeo-Christian values.  Why do you think they yell about patriarchy and toxic masculinity.  It’s all about shaming men.  And too many swallow it hook, line, and sinker.  Gillette and their insipid bullshit ad about toxic masculinity earlier this year and every time some ‘man’ calls himself a feminist and walks around in a pink pussy hat(not sure what pussies they’ve seen, but I’ve never seen one look like that, just saying).  We need man who are driven, competitive, and aggressive.  We need women who are nurturing and caring.  And yes, both genders can interchange in those jobs, but they need each other and to feed off each other.  But, at the end of the day, kids need a masculine dad not a ‘Beta’ dad.

SO, to dovetail, why do these shootings happen?  Because of the aforementioned war on masculinity we have produced weak boys who have become weak men.  Weak men, who never had to manage their own dignity or security, who have never been told to suck it the fuck up, who were told their feelings were more important then others, who were brought up to eschew masculinity, who were told they were ‘awesome’ even when they lost, who never learned how to lose, and who were never taught how to resolve conflicts.  Because, if you just run and tell an adult, they’ll resolve it for you.  So, these weak boys/men believe the only way they can be noticed or make a difference or control their own pride (as twisted as that is), is to shoot a bunch of people.  So, then the left comes full circle and wants to ban guns and blame toxic masculinity.

I have news for those dick bags. If the left wants to call me toxic because I show my kids tough love, instill discipline, teach them traditional values, have guns, and believe in God and conservatism, then call me toxic.  That’s a badge I’ll wear proudly.


Until next time…


Blinded by the light

Howdy y’all.  A beautiful summer evening in the Great Plains.  I was planning on writing on my sequel tonight.  But, I’m kind of at an impasse.  So several of you have asked about blawgs and there are several things I have been wanting to blawg about so here we go.  I was reluctant about leaving my patio and listening to the waterfall in my backyard, and then it dawned on my old ass, Hey dipshit you have a laptop, bring it out here.  So I poured myself a drink, got everything out here, sat down and immediately spilled my drink.  Not sure how all those millennials do all this at Starbucks, etc.  haha.  Either way, fresh drink poured, changed into dry britches, Daisy sitting at my feet, firepit is lit, birds are tweeting, so here we go.

I was forwarded and article by Ashley the other day about how kids today are spoiled, etc.  And it really resounded with me because as the new saying goes it really was speaking truth to power (I’m still unsure WTF that means).  The writer lamented how kids are spoiled and don’t know how well they have it.  Yeah, every generation says it about the one after them, but it’s true in this case.  If you don’t believe me, just go sit in a restaurant or a Starbucks.  Everybody is sitting around with their laptop, I-phone, tablet, etc, etc, etc, being instantly connected to most every corner of the globe.  Instant access to anything their heart desires.  But, what do the Dem candidates and their followers cry about?  Fixing all of the injustices of capitalism.  The very system that allows them to have those phones and computers.  The very system that allows them to go to McDonalds and get a meal for under $10.  Cars whizzing by.  This is a system in which you can order almost anything off the internet with a click of a button and it comes right to you.  Yet, we are unappreciative and un grateful and want to tear down that very system.  We are a bunch of spoiled babies.  The very system that has allowed us to live in the lap of luxury is the one we want to change.  AOC, recently said that “An entire generation came of age and never saw American prosperity”  Are you fucking kidding me?  What kind of idiot is she.  Think of that statement.  Do you realize that the American poverty line is 31 times above the global average THIRTY-ONE!  I’ve been around the globe and seen true poverty.  In America we have fat ‘poor’ people who have I-phones and flat screen TVs.  The sad thing is that many of our young people (and too many of the old commies too) agree with her. But, they’re being indoctrinated by our hapless school system (many of which have never lived in the real world).  We have people dying to get INTO America.  But, our youngsters are convinced they’ve never seen it because they know no different.  They have no contrast. No depression, no WWII, no real sacrifices.  We don’t have a lack of prosperity problem, we have an entitlement problem.  And it’s spreading.

So we all heard about the shooting at the garlic festival in CA yesterday.  Did you see the immediate CNN news report where it was a white guy with an AR?  Yeah, turns out it he was an Italian/Iranian who hated capitalism.  So, much like the transgender shooter in CO a few months ago, it doesn’t meet with the MSM agenda. So it fades into the background.  But it still doesn’t stop the gun grabbers from wanting to strip Americans of their rights.

So the last thing I’ll speak of is the uproar the left is in calling POTUS a racist (yeah I know, nothing new here) because he called out the douche bag from MD about how horrible Baltimore is.  Funny thing is, POTUS saw a video on twitter (I saw the same one) of a young black lady filming how horrible the living conditions were in her part of town and how the officials never help or do anything.  So POTUS tweets that Cummings is a horrible leader and his area is a shithole and he’s vilified (Again) for being racist.  Hey guess what? Calling somebody out on their shortcoming who happens to be black doesn’t make you a racist.  Not calling them out because they are black, that’s actually more racist.  SO why isn’t Bernie Sanders a racist when he called the same area a  third world country years ago?  The sad thing is, the MSM doesn’t even pretend to be impartial anymore.  They put out their insipid bullshit and the gullible swallow it hook line and sinker.

I’ll drop off for now.  I’ll try to blawg more often for those of you who miss me.  One reason why I haven’t is because I’m on twitter and I can basically give my opinion 100 times a day on 100 different things in 100 characters or less.  HAHA,

Until next time…

Back by popular demand

Howdy all. It has certainly been a hot minute since we last spoke.  Many of you have begged me to return to blawging.  Well beg maybe a little hyperbolic, but several have asked if I was going to re-start, so here you go.  Let’s see what’s happened since then.  I’ve become a published author(if you haven’t bought a copy, do it now, lol),  Deb & I celebrated 22 yrs of wedded bliss in May, I turned 53 last week, and Nolan came up from Texas to visit.  There you’re all caught up. I’ve had several things I’ve wanted to talk about lately, but tonight I want to talk about the “CRISIS AT THE BORDER” I used all caps, because that makes it more pressing, doncha know.  So, the left has said for months that POTUS is a liar and there is no border crisis.  Now, they are saying there’s a horrible crisis and POTUS and his administration is literally throwing kids in cages. One person even put out a picture showing kids in space blankets sleeping on the floor.  How awful.  Oh, btw, that was a picture from one of the detention facilities in 2014 when Obama was POTUS. A deliberate lie.  I listened to a clip of POTUS, saying that illegal immigrants were a scourge on our country and if you don’t want your kids to get hurt, don’t bring them into our country illegally.  I agree.  Oh BTW, that was an interview by Pres. Obama with George Stephanopolis in 2014.  So, why does the left and the media get mad at Pres. Trump for actually upholding the law?  Because they’re liars hypocrites, and charlatans.  So what just happened the other day? President Trump bought a bunch of baby cribs and cots out of his own pocket from wayfair to have flown down there so migrant kids could have a better place to sleep. I mean, who the fuck wouldn’t think that was a great idea?  Apparently the lefties at wayfair who are staging a walkout to protest. Protest what?  Providing beds for kids?  Imagine if Obama had done that, he’d get another Nobel Peace Prize.  Remember, just a few short months ago, the left laughed off this humanitarian crisis because it didn’t fit their politics.  Remember when the administration and the right worried about families crossing the border, because of the danger and sex trade?  Yeah, they were villains. Now the left trumpets it and they’re heroes.  POTUS wants to spend money on more judges to speed up the amnesty process, and the Dems drag their feet.  POTUS wants money to spend on a border wall and more security (the same thing that Clinton, Bush, & Obama wanted, BTW), and the left wants to let illegals have free health care and college.  Basically, the left claims POTUS is torturing kids, all the while denying them beds so they can “stand up against the evil Orange man”. Shame on those vile fucks.

Bottom line.  Collusion failed, the latest sexual assault allegation(and that one is weird) failed, so now the left is going to push this issue, along with promising everybody free college and health care.  You lost 2016, and if you keep acting like ass hats, you’ll lose 2020 as well.

Until next time…

Shameless Plug

Howdy all.  It has been quite sometime since we last spoke.  On the last blawg, I mentioned it might be my last.  Obviously, since you got this one, you now know it wasn’t.  I’ve had several of you, my fans, ask for more blawgs, and I most certainly will in the future, but today, I’m going to simply do some self promoting, haha

As most of my followers know (at least the ones who read every one of my blawgs and don’t simply delete them, lol) I was in the process of writing a book.  I am happy to say that the book is now finished and published and for sale on Amazon.com. Below is a link.  It comes in paperback or kindle version.


It’s a western and while I realize some of you out there might not read westerns, I think it turned out pretty decent.  I also want to acknowledge 3 of my blawg followers here who were instrumental in this project being completed and the high quality (at least to me) of it.

Karen Goldner is my cousin and an author herself.  She gets most of the credit, for motivating me, holding my hand, correcting my 3rd grade mistakes, and simply being there to lean on when I had a question.

Mike Domingo, a brother in arms from my Afghanistan deployment, did the cover art.  In a word, Outstanding.  We wanted it to look like an old time Dime Novel, and I think he succeeded quite nicely in that.  Here’s a guy, who lives in SC, and is active duty military and still took the time to do this for me, for which I am forever grateful.  He’s probably breathing a big sigh of relief, that I won’t be texting him every other week.  At least until the sequel, brother, 🙂

Logan Epps, my oldest son, was the reason it even got published.  Without his enormous computer skills, this would have looked like a pile of trash on the publishing site.  I mean I had no idea what bleed even meant, outside of a hospital room.  It’s nice to know that all my kids have outdone their old man.

So, hopefully you check it out and if you order the paperback, I will autograph it (adds lots of value).  If you do order it and then read it, I would love for any reviews on the Amazon site.  Even if it’s simply to say, it works great to even up that wobbly kitchen table leg.

Also, just as a teaser, there are at least 2 of you followers who I used your name in this book, and at least 3 of you who are in the sequel (which I am on Chapter 6 or 7). SO if you want to know who it is, you gotta buy the book.  How’s that for marketing strategy?

Thank you for all of you have followed me and I hope you like the book if you decide to read it.

Until next time…



Never Neverland

Howdy all.  It’s been a hot minute since we last spoke. We went to CO. Deb & I were going to go to WY, but they expected 2-3′ (yes feet) of snow and the pass between Cheyenne & Laramie was going to be closed down.  I have no problem being snowed into a cabin with my hot wife, but I sure as hell don’t want to have to try and drive through it, so we will go in about a month.  Of course here in NE, we keep getting record amounts of snow.  It snowed another 5-6″ last night.  But, I digress.  Once more I want to talk about the hypocrisy of the left and their friends in the MSM and their hatred for our President.  Let’s go back to 2016.  Everybody on the left laughed and said Trump would never be President.  Many on the right (myself included), said he wasn’t a true conservative and would betray the GOP at a moments notice.  Yet, what has happened?  He has kept (or at least worked at keeping them) more campaign promises then any President in recent memory.  There are those who are Never-Trumpers or Anti-Trumpers, but the things he has accomplished have made many Pro-Trumpers (me included).  Remember when Clinton (both Bill & Hillary), Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, said we have a crisis on the border and we need to slow the flow of illegal immigrants? Trump says the same thing, but ACTUALLY puts out a plan to do it, and he’s a racist.  Remember when GW Bush & Obama said we need to move the US embassy to Israel to Jersulem?  Trump says the same thing, but then goes ahead and does it, and he’s horrible.  Remember when Obama called out Fox news and their entire viewership and said they weren’t a ‘real news’ network?  Yet, Trump calls out CNN for putting out actual lies and calling them fake news, and all of a sudden he’s squashing the 1st Amendment.  But, just yesterday, the DNC, said they will not allow Fox news to broadcast or be a part of any debates for the 2020 elections.  Seriously?  Is anyone listening to this bullshit from the left out there?  They keep claiming that it’s the right that’s racist.  Yet, they have to go out and fabricate ‘hate crimes’ to try and prove it, but, when there are literally dozens of real hate crimes against the right and Trump supporters, you don’t hear shit from the left or the MSM.  After 2 years of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, it’s coming out that there is no collusion, so now what?  Oh, now the left is going to investigate ‘other stuff’. We all get it, orange man, bad, you hate him. Quit trying to undermine the presidency.  Y’all did it with both Bushes, and they let you, because they played by a set of rules that were above you.   Trump appointed the first openly gay to an ambassador post, and just passed a world wide initiative to de-criminalize homosexuality around the world.  Great news for our rainbow warrior friends right?  Nope.  They bitched about that , saying it’s just a stunt. Every good thing POTUS has done (and there’s been a lot), you never hear shit, but everyone is ready to pounce if there’s a misstep.  Where the fuck does he win? When the GOP says we need voters to have ID to vote, we’re called racists.  Yet, Pelosi and the left say we shouldn’t be suppressing the votes of illegal immigrants.  Are you fist fucking me?  The right is racist yet, the left now has 2 new Reps, who are totally anti-semites.  Yet, the Dems can’t even bring themselves to chastise them.  Party over country I guess Nancy?  I mean, a Somali-American is officially excused by Democratic leadership, yet any little word Trump says and he’s raked over the coals.  If you’re a black conservative, you’re an Uncle Tom or denigrated with racist language and behavior.  Bottom line is the left is the racist, lying, anti-American fucks.  They care more about illegal immigrants than they do American citizens.  They care more about the lives of murders than they do unborn (or now days even brand new babies), they care more about managing your dignity than they do about allowing you your personal freedoms.  They care more about the elitists in Hollywood then they do the farmer in middle America.  They care more about their power then they do about their constituents. They care more about Trump failing than they do America succeeding.  And you want to know why they hate Trump and his supporters, because make no mistake they hate them, it’s because Trump, is playing their game by their rules and beating them at it.  And that’s the saddest thing of all.  It started under Obama, the division of America, and the left and many on the eltist old school right have perpetuated it, because Trump isn’t a politician that they wish him to be.  Nope.  He talks like a real person with no pretentions and doesn’t act like he’s better than the average American.

As I sit here proof reading this, this may very well be my last blawg.  Quite frankly, it gets old railing on the horrible behavior from the left.  They are a bunch of vile, anti-American fucks.  These are the fucks that every day, come out with some bullshit about how America sucks, conservatives suck, POTUS sucks, they lie, cheat, and beat down anyone who disagrees with them, yada, yada, yada.

If you don’t hear from me again, it’s been a fun 4+ year/250+ blawgs.

Until next time…